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Cochon 555 - April 21st
2013 Participating Chefs 

COCHON 555 – five chefs, five pigs, five winemakers, five years! Do not miss it when this one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition and tasting event comes home and marks a culinary milestone with its 5th Anniversary Tour. Created to promote a national conversation around the sustainable farming of heritage-breed pigs, each event challenges five local chefs to prepare a menu from the entirety of one 200 pound family-raised heritage breed of pig, nose-to-tail. Twenty judges (culinary luminaries) and 400 guests help decide the winning chef by voting on the "best bite of the day". The winner will be crowned the Prince of Porc and will compete at Grand Cochon event at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen on Sunday, June 16.

New additions to the events in 2013 include the launch of an exciting cocktail competition called "Punch Kings" featuring Breckenridge Bourbon, prepared by [6] local bartenders (still room to signup on the link above), plus the new TarTare Bar round out the exclusive VIP hour. All attendees enjoy butcher demonstrations, sustainable oysters, creative pork dishes from all the chefs, a visit to the Manhattan Bar or new Chupito Bar featuring Mezcals, plus the infamous Cheese Bar saw bold enhancements, ice-cold brew from Anchor Brewing, pork-spiked desserts and cold-brewed coffee will close out the evening.

The COCHON 555 event is 100% inclusive and always on Sunday.


View complete event details HERE!

CHEF: Aaron Brooks
RESTAURANT: Edge Steakhouse
PIG BREED: Large House bred at Spring House Farm

CHEF:  Timon Balloo
RESTAURANT:  Sugarcane
PIG BREED:  Hereford bred at Palmetto Creek Farms

CHEF:  Jeffrey McInnis
PIG BREED:  Mulefoot bred at When Pigs Can Fly

CHEF:  David Thomas
PIG BREED:  Mulefoot bred at Spring House Farm

CHEF: Cesar Zapata
RESTAURANT:  The Federal
PIG BREED:  Ossabaw bred at Black Hill Meats 

And the Fun Continues...

Miyabi/Zwilling USA presents a butcher demonstration featuring Sara Bigelow of The Meat Hook. Also included in the evening is a preview of the new Heritage BBQ event in which Conor Hanlon of The Dutch will roll out a family meal – an additional whole pig cooked barbecue-style immediately preceding the awards.

BUTCHER:  Sara Bigelow
RESTAURANT:  The Meat Hook
PIG BREED:  Hereford bred at Palmetto Creek Farms 

CHEF:  Conor Hanlon
PIG BREED:  Bershire bred at Black Hill Meats 

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