Secrets from the Chefs November 5, 2012

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Low Temp Cooking

Chef Michael Shikany shares his tips on preparing the perfect Octopus.

Sous Vide

The flesh of an Octopus is very dense and fibrous. Low temperature cooking is the best way to soften the meat, without losing texture and flavor. If you do not have a thermal circulator the best way to do this is in the oven by braising.

Braising Liquid: "I prefer to use a high alcohol content (helps tenderize) court bouillon"



Crisping & Textures


The great part about octopus is that the meat offers itself to have dual textures if cooked correctly. The best way to accomplish this is to either broil or grill on both sides before serving. The delicate texture of the soft meat and crunchy tentacles is definitely a palate pleaser.




When braising, the octopus will release a lot of its natural juices into the braising liquid. It is very important that you do not salt the octopus before braising this will not only toughen the meat, but as the flesh is very briny; you will most likely over season.

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