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The summer heat is upon us! From crisp whites to refreshing rosés and approachable reds, we asked our favorite wine experts to share their top wine picks to satiate our summertime thirst!

Stefano Campanini
Owner & Artsy Wine Connoisseur
Wine by the Bay

Wine by the Bay

Two words that can describe Wine by the Bay owner, Stefano Campanini - Weird and Funny! Prior to establishing Miami as home, this eccentric wine connoisseur has traveled the world, sailed solo for a year, and led a dedicated life in the Manhattan art scene. Stefano relocated to Miami in 2003 to open Etra Fine Art gallery in Miami's Design District and eventually realized his dream of combining two of his passions, wine and art. With the constant presence of Hundred Acre, Bryant Family, Colgin, Harlan and many other great wines, Wine by the Bay became "a teeny-tiny must go place" in Miami.

Stefano's picks for summer wines found at Wine by the Bay:

Chateau   be   Berne   Cote'   du   Provence   Rose,   2011   ($23.95)

A refreshing rosé with a lot of red fruits and a gravely, earthy note. Structured with a note of orange and lemon and a firm finish. Super refreshing for summer.

Grand   Bateau   White   Bordeaux,   2010   ($16.95)

Who said you can't drink great Bordeaux every day? From the famous - and normally expensive - Chateau Beychevelle, this elegant wine made of a blend of 75% Sauvignon Blanc and 25% Sémillon is a stellar value from Bordeaux. Crisp and mineral, but nicely rounded and full.

Red   Hook   Cabernet   Sauvignon,   2008   ($39.95)

Red Hook Winery was swept away by hurricane Sandy last November and we are supporting them. This marvelous wine is the creation of California super star Robert Foley that ventured into Long Island to make this gem of a cab, refreshing in summer in spite of its complexity!


Eric Larkee
Wine Director
The Genuine Hospitality Group

Eric Larkee began his career in New York City after graduating from University of Wisconsin. Larkee’s experience with the food and beverage program at Savoy Restaurant was essential in building a strong foundation which ultimately served him as Beverage Director and Maitre d’ at Wallsé, a highly regarded restaurant with a Michelin star to its credit. Since relocating to Miami and joining the Michael’s Genuine staff in late 2009, Larkee has crafted a creative, edited wine list built around a few important guiding principles, most importantly treating it like a menu. It offers escalating value by the bottle and by the glass, highlights grower labels and independent producers, and includes as many diverse varietals – some less common than others – that can reasonably, physically fit in the book, always keeping in mind the need to be in step with the many different kinds of food preparations and ingredients in the restaurant’s nimble, daily-changing menu.

Larkee's top picks for summer and where to find them:

Ameztoi,   Txakolina,   Spain   2012

Slightly effervescent, crisp and fresh and only 10.5% alcohol, truly a perfect summer wine. The more you drink it the easier it becomes to pronounce!

Doña Silvina   "Fresh",   Malbec,   Mendoza,   Argentina 2012

"Might seem strange that I'm recommending a red, especially a Malbec, for summer time but this wine is special." Made by a process called carbonic maceration which extracts very little tannin this wine is great chilled out of the cooler.

Riesling   by   the   Glass!

Whatever dry Rieslings Michael's is pouring BTG (by the glass) in celebration of Summer of Riesling! Still figuring out the rotation for the summer but they will change often. While Riesling can come in all gradations of sweetness, Eric prefers a dry, crisp, high-acid version, usually Austrian!


Jimmy Pumarol
Assistant General Manager
The Bazaar by Josè Andrès

Jimmy Pumarol brings over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry to The Bazaar by Josè Andrès. Since 2001, Pumarol  contributed to the success of Josè Andrès’ Think Food Group in 2001 including restaurants such as Minibar and The Bazaar in both Beverly Hills and South Beach. Jimmy's knowledge and discriminating taste are evident in his selection of best choices for summer wine.

Jimmy's selection of summer wines:

Txomin   Etxaniz,  Hondarribi   Zuri-(H. Beltza) Getariako Txakolina,   2011  ($62 btl,  $15 gls)

Delicate with apple, cucumber and some light pear… fruit forward sweetness on entry with a balanced finish.

White   Rioja,   Viña   Gravonia   Crianza, López   de   Heredia,   Viura,   2002 ($67 btl)

Peach and pear, honey and chamomile, with vanilla bring a smooth entry with citrus fruit slight smoky finish.

San   Román,   Tinta   de   Toro,   2008   ($125 btl)

Soft on the nose, fresh and balanced with strapping blackberry, coffee, chocolate, spice and tobacco flavors all rolled into a fabulous whole. An approachable red perfect for the summer.

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