Cheesemaking in the Heart of North Miami

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Cheesemaking in the Heart of North Miami

Mimmo's Mozzarella Miami

There’s skill, dedication, tenacity, but most importantly—there’s heart and comradery in this small, treasured café known as Mimmo’s Mozzarella Italian Market.

These guys love cheese and they love sharing that passion with everyone they meet.

Owner Bruno Ponce began his cheesemaking career while he was working at Sardinia in Miami Beach. One of the chefs there, Mimmo, taught Bruno the fundamentals of cheesemaking. To honor all of his help, Bruno named the restaurant after him.

Although Bruno first started by only making Mozzarella, he quickly realized that he had all the ingredients to dive into making other cheeses. He often experiments with new ingredients and techniques to find what works best and, put simply, to make cheese that people love. Bruno says, “My team and I constantly experiment and will serve a new cheese to the public about every 3 months."

The process of making cheese can be an excruciatingly long process that requires a lot of technique and patience, and in the words of Bruno, science. It may surprise patrons to know that there are absolutely no machines being used to make the cheese— it is all handmade. Bruno and his team make cheese everyday to keep their stock filled, especially for the bestselling Mozzarella creations. Since no preservatives or additives are uses, most cheese varietals at Mimmo's only have a shelf life of about 3 weeks.

While the front of house provides a quaint setting for patrons to nosh on Mimmo's cheese masterpieces, we recommend you ask to take a peek of the magic happening in the back of the house. There is an art to every step from how each ingredient is treated to how the cheese is curdled and how it's shaped or stretched. Some of the ingredients are locally purchased while others are imported from Italy. And in some cases, Bruno carries out his role as an affineur by using his own fungus to age the cheese. There is an integrity to Bruno’s process of cheesemaking— the result is cheese that is pure, complex, and delicious.

Now you can find several types of cheese available at Mimmo's including the necessary basics like Burrata and Nodini-knotted Mozzarella (his version strays from the traditional style by having a little knot on top of the bigger Mozzarella ball). Other options include Scamorza, Treccione-Braided Mozz, and Gorgonzola Bianca. You can purchase the cheese by weight to go or order a cheeseboard that can be served with various meaty and sweet sides.

As an Italian market, Mimmo's also offers patrons a variety of salads, pizzas, and paninis. According to Bruno, the Panini’s are the most popular items off the menu with the top choices being The Mimmo’s and Brunito’s. You can find classic coffee choices such as Ristretto, Macchiato, and Cappuccino along with a few desserts. The Stracciatella with berry reduction is served in a cup with Stracciatella, otherwise known as the center of a burrata, and topped with a mixed berry reduction and garnished with a mint leaf.

Despite the fact this hidden gem has been open for nearly 8 years in North Miami, not many Miamians have had the pleasure to check it out. Still, Bruno is eager to continue growing Miami’s appreciation for fresh cheesemaking.

Mimmo’s Mozzarella Italian market is located at 475 NE 123rd St, North Miami, FL 33161.