SOBEWFF 2021, Recap

Spring 2021 South Florida Restaurant Openings
May 11, 2021
4th of July Rundown, 2021
June 30, 2021

Miami’s beloved South Beach Wine and Food Festival came and conquered the Magic City!

Bringing in a fantastic lineup of award-winning chefs, celebrities and wine connoisseurs for The South Beach Wine and Food Festival on Miami Beach. 

As guests made their way to the  familiar main entrance a trail of volunteers from the FIU’s school of hospitality served as reassuring signs of the impressive COVID safety measures taken throughout the weekend. Reminding each guest to present their Symcheck QR which verified the negative status of their COVID tests and/or proof of vaccinations.Following a temperature check, welcome bags were gifted. Inside, SOBEWFF branded swag was accompanied with face masks and antibacterial wipes. A refreshing reminder that safety is at the forefront of the organizers priorities. 

At the Wine Spectator's Trade show vendors kept guests enthused with their elevated tastings. The welcoming smiles of each participant exemplified just how excited we all were to be back on the beach. Walking around it was evident that many brands were fostering lasting impressions with the adventurous crowds. Crowd favorites were also successful at delivering incredible experiences for visitors. 

Burger Bash was as juicy as promised. Electrifying music filled the tents as patrons filled their mouths with seemingly endless samplings of everyone's favorite backyard bite. Burger Bash proved to be as impressive as previous festivals. 

At the Goya Foods’ Grand Tasting Village, more than 50 restaurants and an array of wines and spirits were offered. Jovial crowds and savory tastings filled the event with a sense of relief as the event carried on without a hitch. Saturday, faces filled with smiles and sunscreen basked in the weekend’s most popular event. The sands of South beach lended to the easy-going vibe and eclectic flavors being offered by the vendors. 

It was perhaps the most lively experience of the weekend. With live music and demos led by some of your favorite food network and cooking channel chefs, the  20th inception of the festival lived up to its name. As the dust settles from the much anticipated 2021 SOBEWFF, one thing is clear, we are already looking forward to the next South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Thank you to each and every organizer involved, and to the vendors who participated in the festivities, congratulations on a spectacular showcase. We can not thank you enough for sharing your creations with us.