Culinary experiences from around the Globe

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August 16, 2017
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August 29, 2017

The World’s Most Delicious Culinary Experiences.

There’s so much more to food than buying meat at a supermarket or ordering takeout. Traveling lets you see how food is prepared around the world, and these different excursions will let you experience food in a brand new, delicious light.


NAPA VALLEY WINE TRAIN One of California’s greatest treasures is their wine country and experiencing it on this train will mystify the foodie and connoisseur in all of us. Not only do you view the beautiful landscape and wineries that make up Napa Valley, but you also enjoy the finest cuisine and wine pairings while doing so. Aboard these restored 20th century trains, elegant courses consist of truffled ricotta raviolis, homemade gnocchi, and tart au citron paired with vintage spirits straight from the wineries surrounding you. It’s a dream foodie experience for anyone who enjoys fine wine, gourmet foods, and exceptional views.


LA  CUISINE For all of those crazy about french cuisine, la cuisine Paris offers classes teaching you how to shop, prepare, and enjoy the best of french cooking. You have the opportunity to go to a real french market with a local chef to choose your ingredients fresh and create your bistro inspired menu as you go. For those who are interested in higher levels of cooking, there are technique classes ranging from classic french sauces such as the veloute to crafting choux pastries found in the best french bakeries. If you’ve ever dreamt of cooking the finest food in the finest food city in the world, look no further. Bon Appetite.


HOTEL CHOCOLAT – RABOT 1745  For the true chocolate lovers out there, you must experience the true taste of cacao at Rabot 1745 in London. This restaurant, created by Hotel Chocolat, presents every single savoury and sweet dish with cacao in it, allowing you to enjoy the taste of chocolate in completely new ways. You can enjoy balsamic cacao glazed rabbit, rare seared cacao and sesame crusted tuna, or even potato chips with cacao ketchup. They also have some of the most distinguished chocolate desserts in the world including white chocolate, citrus and summer berry cheesecake or mousse made with a collection of 3 handcrafted chocolates made by Rabot themselves. Give your chocoholic self a brand new taste of fine dining.


WINE MUSEUM BORDEAUX  No one enjoys fine spirits quite like the French, and that’s never been more obvious than with their brand new wine museum and culture center, La Cité du Vin. Here you will be immersed in a 360° interactive experience that takes you through the culture of wine throughout the world. The building itself is an architectural wonder, and inside there are multiple exhibits focusing on the heritage and sensory experience of wines from every corner of the world. There are workshops for beginners and experienced lovers of wine where you will learn how to truly taste wine and try hundreds of options available in their gourmet restaurant and bars located inside the museum. It’s an experience that embodies the passion and appreciation of wine rooted in the center of french culture and elegance.


NAPLES PIZZA CLASS  One of the most famous birthplaces of pizza is Naples, Italy, and here they offer an experience that every food and pizza lover will never forget. You will learn how to make an authentic neapolitan pizza in the oldest pizzeria in Naples. The day starts by going to a local market and choosing your own pizza ingredients fresh, learning how to prepare the pizza using a real handcrafted pizza oven, and finally enjoying your creation along with other specialty foods made only in Naples. This will present a dish so common to you in a way never experienced before, made with the freshest ingredients and prepared with techniques that are centuries old.  FoodtToursofNaples