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June 26, 2020
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October 27, 2020

The question is where exactly does one find Miami-Dade’s best croqueta? Well, the famed Islas Canarias Restaurant located at 13695 SW 26th St, has been making its case for over forty years and is poised to remain the industry standard.

When the Adrade family first opened the doors of Islas Canarias in 1977, founders Raul and Amelia made it their mission to preserve the quality and traditional flavors of the recipes that endured even exile from Cuba. Mirroring the casual elegance of 1950’s Cuba, the Andrade’s lured locals and tourists into Islas Canarias with an immense appreciation to detail and familiar ambiance. The family’s palpable devotion to culture and community cemented their legacy in Miami. Through the years, patrons continued to flock to the restaurant, imparting their adoration for Islas Canarias and their croquetas down to their own families. Of all the details that make the restaurant outstanding, perhaps the most celebrated aspect of the restaurant is their execution of the simple yet layered croqueta. Crispy but not crunchy, easy-to-eat but not easy-to-forget, Isla’s croquetas stand alone.

To commemorate more than forty years of exceptional service and quality, Islas Canarias has decided to turn their attention towards appreciating the community in the form of a very distinct campaign. The originality behind their campaign is just as indelible as the restaurant itself. With the creation of a new website croquetacounty.com visitors can purchase t-shirts embossed with the clever ‘Croqueta-County’ logo, a play off Miami-Dade County's logo characteristics. Additionally, a decal which states “Now Entering Croqueta County” resembling Florida Turnpike signage is included with the shirt at no cost, allowing croqueta lovers to show their respects to the restaurant and pay homage to their hometown anywhere. Keeping abreast with the new normal, Islas Canarias is also taking advantage of social media. By including hashtags such as #croquetacounty and #miamisfavoritecroqueta on social media, community members near and far can show their allegiance to the delicacy on social media. Thanks to Islas Canarias, the croqueta culture is blossoming.

By creating new and innovative ways to continue spreading croqueta love, Islas Canarias is securing their significance in Croqueta County. In a city saturated with Cuban and Latin restaurant options, Islas Canarias is an anomaly. It has stood the test of time and set itself as ‘the’ must-try cuban restaurant of the city.The Andrade family has built a network of Islas Canarias Croqueta lovers by staying true to their roots. Islas Canarias and the croquetas they bake stand apart from the competition.

To learn more about this iconic venue, visit the restaurant’s webpage at islascanariasrestaurant.com .