U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo in Miami

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U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo in Miami

US Cannabis Expo Miami

AUG 24 - 26



The U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo is coming back to host the most exciting professional and educational medical cannabis conference the both the Southwest United States and the Southeast United States that the Cannabis industry has ever seen. It's what a Cannabis Expo should be.

A business-to-business event bringing together experts from the local, regional and national cannabis industry to network and share the latest industry information. Last year was just the introduction in Florida, the goal this year is to be even bigger and better. A Cannabis Expo to remember.

Spotlight Events:

Cloverleaf University - Enhanced Training
Marijuana Industry 101-102

Are you looking for a job or career as an employee or business owner in the cannabis industry? Are you a business professional looking to shift your career into this multi-billion dollar industry? The Cannabis Business is estimated to be a Billion Dollars this year and growing. Find out how you can be a part of America's fastest growing industry.

The History of Florida's Medical Marijuana Law and Its Effects on Today’s Cannabis Businesses

This session covers the history of the medical marijuana law in Florida, from passage of the Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act in 2014 to Amendment 2 in 2016 to Senate Bill 8a in 2017. You'll get the latest on the licensing, challenges, and lawsuits that have resulted, and what it all means for Florida Cannabis businesses going forward.

Afternoon Keynote - "Let it grow: How to Navigate and Succeed in the Florida Market"

In this keynote address, Andrew will share all the experience and insight he's gleaned by building the world's largest dispensary. Andrew is a pillar of the industry as one of the pioneers in cannabis. Andrew also starred on the TV show Weed Wars which illustrated the day to day challenges of being one of the largest and most influential leaders in the marijuana industry. Make sure you add this to your agenda as a MUST attend keynote session.

Living a Cannabis Lifestyle: What does that look like?

Many people can't imagine inhaling cannabis, especially seniors who don't smoke. But the idea of a tasty treat or infused food or drink that can ease the pain or maybe help with various other symptoms may just be the right fit. Come and hear how creative-minded chefs and infusion specialists talk about how you can benefit from medical marijuana without ever taking a puff.Also, learn about nutrition from a former pro hockey player and how he integrated cannabis into his life.

Then you'll hear from a former international model to talk about cannabis and sex. Hear the stories of how cannabis has saved marriages. Did that raise your eyebrows? Add it to your agenda so you can hear how this panel can help you live your own cannabis lifestyle.

Registration & Access starts at $199+ per person. To attend, please visit usccexpo.com/miami2018-registration


DJ Irie has been recognized by the Global Spin Awards’ National Club DJ of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year awards, Charles E. Perry Young Alumni Visionary Award, Grey Goose’s Rising Icon Award and the Southern Entertainment Awards’ Nightclub DJ of the Year.

There is something to be said about elevating the cause. Each night these events aim to set the bar a little higher and to hopefully provide a life experience for those attending. We are providing a first class event where you can relax after a long day on the trade show floor. Meet new people and enjoy a few cocktails and sumptuous food, with the hottest entertainment in town. The hot spot will be aboard Seafair Miami this evening. So make sure you get your tickets below.

2 official evening events for the Miami Expo. With 6 decks, an open bar, sumptuous food and some of the hottest music in the Miami scene...this is not an event to miss. The Miami Honorary Cannabis Business Awards Comedy Social, will also be happening on board. The Awards will be hosted by Chloe Villano of Cloverleaf University. Find your way onto this deck to take part in honoring the community and laughing your way through the night. So, come prepared to laugh and to celebrate people who are making a difference in Florida.

Ticket $199+ per person. To learn more, please visit: usccexpo.com/mega-yacht-party-miami