Restaurant-Grade Products Delivered Right To Your Door

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March 17, 2020
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June 26, 2020

Restaurant-Grade Products Delivered Right To Your Door

With access to the highest-quality groceries, Miamians can now become restaurant industry insiders.

In partnership with leading food vendors in the restaurant industry, Miami Food Co. is now offering premium meat & seafood previously intended for Miami's local restaurants.

Restaurant-grade food always has to be magazine-ready. Chefs grab the perfect portion of a beautiful product, prepare it in a professional environment and then serve it to their patrons. Diners expect an elevated freshness and quality that surpasses grocery store and home chef level. Now consumers can create that same experience at home in just a few clicks.

Miami Food Co. is providing full cases of individually portioned restaurant products - including beef, poultry, pork, lamb, fish, and shellfish of vastly superior quality to the grocery on their website – a game-changer in the wholesale-to-consumer freezer-to-freezer service.

Sold by the case only, Miami Food Co.'s beef, poultry, pork, lamb, fish, and shellfish are conveniently individually portioned, and vacuum sealed airtight for freshness. As is typical within the restaurant industry, each portion is deep flash-frozen to -40 degrees within moments of harvesting.

Miami Food Co.'s pricing, for example, on fully trimmed all-natural chicken breast, is $5.99/lb vs. Publix Greenwise chicken breast at $9.99/lb. Miami Food Co.'s pricing on pork chops is $3.99/lb vs. Whole Foods pork chops at $7.99/lb. On the higher end, Miami Food Co.'s pricing on Wagyu beef burgers from Snake River Farms is $10.99/lb, while the company sells them for $14.00/lb. And families with kids can order their favorites like chicken tenders and chicken wings for only $5.99/lb.

Each order placed is delivered from the suppliers to the delivery vehicles, and then to customer's houses or buildings by a single person wearing a mask and gloves within 24-48 hours. And, in an effort to minimize the current spread of the pandemic, Miami Food Co's team has implemented no-contact delivery.

Miami Food Co. sells cuts and quality of ingredients that are unmatchable. Daily Flash Sales specials on super high quality, limited quantity meat & seafood are published on the site for you to stock up and create experiences at home with restaurant-grade ingredients.

Miami Food Co. encourages its customers to consider safely sharing their volume purchases with family, neighbors, friends, or those in need, either by generously gifting or sharing expenses. Condominium and shared community residents can order pallets of food directly to the loading dock, sharing a single delivery and splitting expenses.

Cooking at home doesn't have to be complicated, nor does it need to be a scientific experiment. With just the right products, your next home-cooked meal can be a gastronomical, lip-smacking experience. To place your order with Miami Food Co., visit their website or call 305.688.FOOD (3663).