Duck Duck Goose (4)

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February 28, 2019
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Duck Duck Goose (4)

Duck Duck Goose Event

MAY 26th


Duck Duck Goose (4)

Sunday, May 26th | 3PM - 7PM

The Anderson, 709 Northeast 79th Street

In it's fourth year, Duck Duck Goose 4 is bringing a star-studded line up of South Florida's most innovative purveyors of haute cuisine, gourmet street food, craft beer, and artisan cocktails.

Duck Duck Goose is a culinary festival by Chef Jeremiah featuring Miami's top chefs each of which will be tasked with preparing locally raised and pastured fowl. This is the sister festival to P.I.G (Pork is Good) now in it's ninth year, Jeremiah Bullfrog and his cadre of knife-slingers are taking a new level of inventiveness to the Birds with Duck Duck Goose.

Ticket prices start at $58 per person. For ticket info, visit

DDG is an all-inclusive food and cocktail celebration of everything winged and delicious, with lots of live fire cooking over embers. It's also a chance for local foodies to taste one-of-a-kind creations from some of the region's top chefs all under one roof, and patio, and parking lot, and tiki bar. Expect a mouthwatering selection of all of you can sample food and drinks.

Duck Duck Goose Fo (4) Chef Lineup Coming Soon